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The Senior Scribes
Writing, Adaptation & Community Service
February 2, 2013

“The Senior Advocates was the brain child of Jane Williamson, Lyn Bliss and a few other seniors who love to write. They raised the question: “The Advocate has a page for young people published by teens - The Teen Advocates - who love to write... why not a page for Senior Advocates?”

“It was my pleasure to lend support and cooperation to the group to help get them off the ground. The first Senior Advocate Page was published on April 21, 2007.

“Over time the page and the group evolved. Seniors began meeting regularly to formalize their approach to providing content for the page. Lyn built the layout each week. The program was so successful that two more avenues grew from it... they began working with Teen Advocates and a successful monthly magazine, Mature Times, was added to their offerings.

“However, the group’s community service didn’t stop there. It spawned another group - the Senior Scribes Scholarship Fund, a separate 501c3 organization - for the purpose of providing financial aid to aspiring communications students. While the scholarship program is a separate entity, all Senior Advocates participate in fundraising projects throughout the year. Over the first two years, more than $6,000 in scholarships and financial support were awarded.

“On November 17, 2009 the Senior Advocates voted to end their association with the Advocate and to become associated with Ball Publishing (now Brothers Publishing) and the Early Bird -- under their new name “Senior Scribes.”

“Since then, the Scribes have written a number of stories and features covering local events and people for the Early Bird. Also featured is a special Senior Scribe page twice a month and a double page layout quarterly. Not only have the talents of a number of our members been showcased, but they have offered a valuable service to Early Bird readers.

“That was nearly four years ago. And just like everything else with “seasoned citizens,” time has flown and we continue to enter new fields of endeavor.

“The Senior Scribes web site is the next step to reaching a larger group of seniors than ever before. Lyn Bliss has put extraordinary time and effort into it and continues to offer a world of information – as well as an additional writing outlet – to today’s seniors.

“Renewed interest by our young writers has spawned yet another group, the Teen Scribes. Seniors are working with these young people to help them develop and expand their writing opportunities.

“Then, a little over two years ago, a new opportunity presented itself. Thanks to a donation to the Scribes, a new website suddenly presented itself. The question? What to do with it?

“The answer? County News Online, a community news, sports and information service for Darke County readers and a new source of fundraising for the Senior Scribes Scholarship Fund. In 2011, thanks to the generous donations of CNO sponsors, $2,500 was raised for scholarships. In 2012, another $10,800 in scholarships and education expenses was provided to college-bound teens.

“We hope you enjoy the group’s offerings on the Senior Page... like past senior pages, the site is by seniors, about seniors, and for seniors. We also hope you will enjoy our offerings at County News Online. As sponsorships change regularly, you will find the most current list of sponsors by perusing the pages of CNO. Please tell our sponsors “Thank You” for supporting scholarships for Darke County teens.”

Bob Robinson
Editor Emeritus, The Daily Advocate
Editor, County News Online

senior scribes
senior scribes
senior scribes

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