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At a recent SSSF fundraising event sponsored by The Early Bird, Bistro Off Broadway,
County News Online and Paul Ackley, students are: Simon Hoying, Tara Guillozet,
Jordan Pridemore, Shelby Schepis, Savanah Hauberg and Kent Holmes.

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One reason is CNO is a free community news, information and opinion service that serves over 30,000 readers every month. Another reason is the website’s dedication to Darke County youth. CNO supports and promotes the positive things our young people do. A third reason is CNO provides an opportunity for local writers and artists to be seen and helps community organizations promote their events…

But the main reason is CNO is a fundraising program for the Senior Scribes Scholarship Fund. Since SSSF was started in 2009 it has provided over $55,000 in scholarships to Darke County youth. Since CNO was started in 2011, County News Online Sponsors and Donors have been responsible for over half of that.

If we want to continue doing this we need your help.

Early Bird Publisher Keith Foutz met six of our 2013 scholarship recipients recently in a fundraising event. Here’s what he had to say…

“I’m really impressed with the kids who showed up to help us out,” Foutz said. “This is a terrific group of young people. I’m pleased to know our efforts are helping students of this caliber.”

These students are grateful for the help they receive. Here are some comments from just a few of them…

Jordan Pridemore is a 2009 Franklin Monroe High School graduate

Jordan now teaches at an inner city school in Indiana, noting that many of her students have children of their own or parents in prison.

“I see every day what happens when young people don’t have anyone to believe in them,” she said, adding the support she received from people like the Senior Scribes made her college experience possible.

“It compounds my gratitude and appreciation for the kind people in Darke County who are willing to go the extra mile to make a difference in a child’s life.”

Read the full text of her comments here


Shelby Schepis is a 2013 Tri-Village High School graduate.

“I am very grateful for receiving this scholarship,” she said. “Years from now when I am not paying thousands of dollars on students loans, I will be even more grateful for it.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to receive this generous scholarship.”

Read the full text of her comments here


Ashley Studebaker is a 2012 Franklin Monroe High School graduate.

“Obviously a scholarship is helpful to a family who is putting a child through college. With the Senior Scribes Scholarship, it has meant a little bit more than just financial with me,” she said.

“Becoming a recipient of this scholarship has told me that I am good at what I love to do and what I have a passion for. When you want to make Journalism your career, that is a pretty great feeling.”

Read the full text of her comments here

These students and many more have benefitted from SSSF and County News Online’s efforts to help keep their college expenses under control. In order to continue doing this, however, we need your help. Please consider putting CNO on your list of worthwhile causes to support. Any amount you can donate will be appreciated; it can be made anonymously if you wish. Many businesses would like to make the community aware of their support for local youth… we have a variety of options available, starting as low as $30 a month for a sponsorship space, or annual donations in any amount.

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senior scribes

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